April 23rd Raptor Events

Tickets for the RTHS Prom on May 19th:
Prom tickets are on sale now until May 13th for $55 per person. Starting May 14th, tickets will be $65 per person. Tickets will be on sale in the lobby before school, after school, and during lunch every day until prom. (Discounted tickets will be sold at the Spring Carnival.)

Prom Boutique: Students are welcome to browse in the basement gallery.  New and gently used prom apparel is free for both men and women to wear to the prom. The boutique is open in the morning from 8:30-8:45 a.m. You may also browse between classes, as long as it does not make you late to class. If you want to browse during lunch, please see Dr. Overlock for a note.

Alterations: Seamstress Cheryl Fasulo will be at school during the Spring Carnival. Anyone not able to be seen on the 27th can make arrangements for a fitting the following week.

  • Bring the shoes you plan to wear to the Prom for a proper fitting. This is especially important if you need to have the length altered.
  • Anyone not able to be seen during the carnival can make arrangements for a fitting the during the following week.
  • All alterations will be done at a discount. Any finery acquired from the Prom Boutique will be altered for free.
  • Clothing will be pinned and fitted on site, then taken, sewn, and returned to RTHS before May 12th.

Tux Rental: Bernards Formal Wear in Durham will give RTHS students $40 off tux packages.

Flowers: Sarah’s Floral Creations on Page Road is offering an RTHS prom special.
$25 for corsages and $15 for boutonnieres. Students will have a chance to design their orders during the Spring Carnival and in May (date TBD) in the school lobby. Flowers will be delivered to the school on May 18th.
Note: Please put the flowers in a refrigerator as soon as they come home to ensure they remain fresh. Part of the proceeds from the corsage and boutonniere sales will go help fund the Prom and the SGA.


  • Please use the sign up to volunteer or to indicate items you are providing
  • All Amazon orders should be sent to Mamie Hall at Research Triangle High School, 3106 E. NC-54, PO Box 13453, Durham, NC 27709.
  • Cash donations can be made in the form of checks payable to “RTHS/SGA” and can be taken to room 58.
    Please Note: You may designate where you would like to have your donation used in the memo line. Examples include: general use (all blank memos will be used as general funds), DJ, photographer, decorations, clothing, tickets, transportation to ensure all our Juniors and Seniors are able to participate
  • Prom Shoppe items: Dresses, shoes, and purses as well as display racks and hangers. Items can be left at the front desk or room 58.

What to Wear?

There are all kinds of ways to help make the Classic Hollywood prom a blockbuster! Questions, please contact Dr. Overlock at joverlock@rthighschool.org

April 13th Raptor News

Welcome Raptor Family!

It has been an amazing year, and we are celebrating all our accomplishments with a Spring Carnival on April 27th from 3 – 7 pm at RTHS – so add it to your calendar and come out to support and celebrate our school and RTHS community!

Please join us for a fun afternoon, which will feature:

  • Games and Activities
  • Entertainment
  • A silent auction to benefit RTHS Raptor Fund
  • A basket raffle to benefit student clubs and sports teams
  • Food trucks

Meet members of the RTHS student clubs and sports teams – there is something for everyone here!

Parents, this will be a great opportunity for you and your student(s) to meet others and experience the culture at the RTHS. The PTSO welcomes you and looks forward to seeing you.

While you are at the Carnival, stop by the PTSO table, become a member for the 2018-2019 school year and check out our volunteer opportunities!

Our school has been built and thrives due to the dedication of our RTHS families. Charter schools like ours are not funded at the same level as other public schools, and we play a part in ensuring our school provides the environment and experience we want our students to have. Get involved with the PTSO! – your experience at this school is directly proportional to what you put in.

Supporting our PTSO is supporting our students and teachers!

April 9th Raptor Events

Celebrating 50 Years Of Research Triangle Park

On April 20, 2018, from 9 am to 5 pm events hosted by the RTP Rotary Club and sponsored by major Research Triangle businesses will be taking place around Research Triangle Park.

As part of its 50th-anniversary celebration, join the Research Triangle Park Rotary Club in bringing the RTP Community together to advance Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) efforts worldwide.

Partnering with the NC Biotechnology Center, Research Triangle High School, the Kramden Institute, Sigma Xi, STEM in the Park, and others, the RTP Rotary will host multiple STEM/STEAM activities to help get local middle and high school students excited about science and technology opportunities. Other events will highlight innovative RTP companies, large and small, Changing the World. A concluding networking reception will honor past and present RTP leaders who have made major contributions to their respective fields.

Research Triangle High School   9 am – Noon
High school students visit with large RTP companies including Biogen, Cisco Systems, Genworth, GlaxoSmithKline, NetApp, and Underwriters Laboratories.

Lowe’s Grove Middle School   10 am – 2 pm
Middle schoolers learn about physics and science with hands-on learning experiences by Sigma Xi and Kramden Institute.

Public Guided Tours   Starting at 9 am
Syngenta, Toshiba, Red Hat, US EPA, Bayer CropScience, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Learn more about what happens in the Park.
Tickets and information

Innovation Showcase at The North Carolina Biotechnology Center   10 am – 1 pm
Visit an Innovation Showcase highlighting new technologies by the Top 10 Small Companies in RTP. Hamner Conference Center at the NC Biotechnology Center.
Tickets and information

Celebrating the Past, Present, and amazing Future of Research Triangle Park and the STEAM community it encompasses
North Carolina Biotechnology Center   1 pm – 5 pm
Held in the Hamner Conference Center Auditorium the program will include the following:

  • Presentations and Recognition*: Past and Present RTP Science Leaders and Small Innovative Companies “Changing the World” in Research Triangle Park
  • Future Vision of RTP by Scott Levitan, President and CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of STEAM
  • Networking Wine and Cheese Reception

Tickets and information

*Some of the people being recognized include:

  • Mansukh C. Wani, Ph.D., Principal Scientist Emeritus with RTI International, who discovered the widely used anti-cancer agents Camptothecin and Taxol.
  • Charles Hamner, DVM, Ph.D., former CEO of the NC Biotechnology Center and pharmaceutical and healthcare consultant.
  • F. Ivy Carroll, RTI Distinguished Fellow for Medicinal Chemistry, whose contributions to anticancer, anti-radiation and anti-malarial research are well-documented.
  • Fred Brooks, Ph.D., Kenan Professor and founder of the UNC Department of Computer Science, known for managing the development of IBM’s System/360 family of computers and OS/360 software.
  • Mary-Dell Chilton, known for her extensive contributions to plant biotechnology and the production of the first transgenic plants.

March 26th Raptor Events

The RTHS PTSO Needs You!

PTSO Open Positions

Our school has been built and thrives due to the dedication of our RTHS families.  Charter schools like ours are not funded at the same level as other public schools, and we all have a part to play in ensuring we make up that difference and in being part of making sure our school provides the environment and experience we want our students to have.  The PTSO is your means to get involved!

We have several board positions for which we currently have no nominees for next year, including:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President of Membership and Auditing
  • Vice President of Ways and Means
  • Vice President of Building and Grounds

We also need committee members and chairs to help with school-wide events, student appreciation, staff appreciation, Duke Concessions, and our lunch program.

Below are the descriptions for each of these positions, so you can learn more about what is involved.  Whatever time or skill you have to lend, the PTSO has a need, and your efforts will make a difference – to the school, your student and you!  Get involved – your experience at this school is directly proportional to what you put in.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.  If you are interested in getting involved with the PTSO and playing a role in enhancing the school experience for our students, parents, and teachers, let us know!  You can reach us by email at ptso@rthighschool.org.

The President of the PTSO presides over all Executive Board and General Membership meetings, discussions and votes.  The President acts as the liaison between the PTSO and school leadership.  The President establishes the meeting dates and agendas.  The President serves as an ex officio member of all committees and coordinates the work of all of the officers and committees so that the purpose of the PTSO is served.

The President-Elect assists the President as needed or requested and coordinates activities of any Special Committees created by the Board.  The President-Elect assists in recruiting for board positions and committee chairpersons as needed.  The President-Elect will assume responsibilities of the President in his/her absence and will assume the President role when the current President steps down.

The Secretary maintains all non-financial records, publishes meeting notices and agendas, takes and publishes meeting minutes, and manages the PTSO email account (monitoring, responding to and/or forwarding emails to other board members for response).

The Treasurer shall receive all funds (cash, check, credit cards, PayPal and stock donations) of the PTSO, maintain accurate electronic records of receipts and expenditures, and pays out funds in accordance with the approval of the Executive Board.  He or she will present a financial statement at every meeting and at other times of the year when requested by the Executive Board, prepare a full report at the end of the year, including budget forecast and actual expenditures.  The Treasurer will also submit a comprehensive, annual report to the RTHS accountant.

Vice President of Communications:
The Vice President of Communications manages the PTSO website, weekly newsletter and any special communications that may be needed.  He/she manages the PTSO calendar and sets up any virtual meetings or dial-ins that may be requested.

Vice President of Events and Programs: 
The Vice President of Events and Programs manages the events and programs led by the PTSO.  This may include but is not limited to school-wide events (e.g. – homecoming, spring carnival), quarterly food truck rodeos, principal’s coffees.  Staff and student appreciation are subcommittees managed by Events and Programs.  Staff appreciation events may include but are not limited to teacher workday lunches, breakfasts, teacher appreciation week in May, and year-end gifts.  Student appreciation events may include but are not limited to low-income vouchers for food truck rodeos, activities for the spring carnival, and pi day.

Vice President of Membership and Auditing:
The Vice President of Membership and Auditing handles membership drives throughout the year including new student open houses, meet the teacher nights and other school-wide events.  He/she will maintain accurate membership roles, including basic demographic information (name, student, etc.), contact information (email and phone number) and membership level.  He/she will coordinate with the Treasurer to transfer any collected membership dues.  He/she will also have responsibility for selling magnets and t-shirts during membership drives and transmitting payment for these items to the Treasurer for deposit.  Auditing responsibilities include overseeing and auditing PTSO financial records and reports, annually at a minimum, more frequently if requested by the President.

Vice President of Ways and Means:
The Vice President of Ways and Means manages the fundraising efforts spearheaded by the PTSO.  This may include but is not limited to Duke Concessions, the Lunch Program,  passive fundraising, any targeted fundraising efforts run during special events, such as the spring carnival.  Subcommittee chairs can be recruited to manage any of these programs and will be needed to assist with the large programs, particularly Duke Concessions and the Lunch Program.  The Duke Concessions chair recruits volunteers to work a concession stand for all home Duke football games, and manages volunteer assignments, inventory, and finances at each game.  The Lunch Program chair recruits and manages food vendors, manage the online lunch ordering program, runs monthly reports of all orders and order lists, and submits monthly orders to vendors.  In addition, volunteers must be recruited to ensure coverage for lunch distribution each day and to purchase and manage snack inventories.

Vice President of Building and Grounds:
The Vice President of Building and Grounds manages and coordinates the organization of and volunteer recruitment for beautification and repairs of our school building and grounds, and is a liaison with school administration on current needs for these activities.

March 12th Raptor Events


New Club- Envirothon

NCF-Envirothon is an annual environmentally themed academic competition for high school aged students organized by the NCF-Envirothon a program of the National Conservation Foundation. The competition is held by the United States and Canada on a regional, state, and bi-national level. Envirothon combines in-class and hands-on environmental education in a competition setting which involves a problem-solving presentation as well as written field tests. The competition tests students on five core subjects- aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife- along with a fifth annually-changing subtopic which focuses on relevant environmental issues. Currently, roughly 500,000 students from forty-five U.S. states and nine Canadian provinces/territories participate in the competition.

The club meets every Wednesday during lunch in Ms. Manzers room. Contact either Ms. Manzer or Sandy Collins scollins3337@yahoo.com for details.

World Flex Day

Changing the World Flex Day – April 20th

This year RTHS is sending the entire Sophomore class to one of six RTP companies for a half day on-site experience of what our RTP neighbors do every day! The sophomores will be visiting one of these companies:

This program is in partnership with the RTP Rotary, The RTP, the NC Biotech Center and the NC Science Festival, to allow our young people to understand how RTP is “Changing the World” through the innovative work that is done here.

Even better, the students are going to be creating, in real time, a portfolio of “digital artifacts” about the company that they are visiting, through an app called Amirabilia. They will be interviewing employees, doing labs or activities or case studies, visiting multiple departments, and learning the key contributions of the company they visit – and collecting all that information into Amirabilia for students outside the Triangle to learn about RTP!

So, Parents and Students! Your job is threefold:

    1. Sign up to drive! We have 150 sophomores that have to get to six companies at 9 am on April 20, and back to RTHS at 12:45 pm. That means we need about 35 drivers! If you work in the Park, it is easy to do 8:45 am or 12:30 pm; you do not have to be a parent of a sophomore.
    2. Go through the company links above and talk with your student about what might be interesting about visiting that company. Make sure your student understands that visiting companies is their chance to discern more about what their future could hold; that Flex Days are a central part of the curriculum at RTHS; AND that this is their chance to create a story about the company they select and share it with students outside of the Triangle, with the Ameribilia app.
    3. Get your kiddo to sign up for a company they would like to visit.  Have them review the links above first.They can select their first, second and third choice from the list. Have them vote here for their choices.

February 12th Raptor Events

College Counseling

Raleigh National College Fair – March 20, 2018

Students and families will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from nearly 200 colleges, as well as attend workshops on testing, application tips, essay writing and how to finance a college education.

WHAT: Raleigh National College Fair

WHERE: Raleigh Convention Center

WHEN: Tuesday, March 20th from 4:30 pm-7:30 pm

COST: There is no charge to attend.

REGISTER:  Students are highly encouraged to register online prior to coming to the fair. This enables them to spend more time connecting with representatives and less time waiting to register on site.

Spring Sports Tryout Information!

In order to try out for any sport, you must:

  1. Have a physical completing within the last year and on file with RTHS
  2. Complete and turn in all paperwork found here
  3. Register for tryouts by filling out the form here: RTHS Athletics Tryout Registration Form
  4. Receive a “tryout ticket”, emailed from Mr. Drake, that verifies all required forms are completed and academically eligibility is met
  5. Show your “tryout ticket” to your coach on the first day of tryouts
  6. Do your best and Good Luck!

Here are the dates, times, and locations for tryouts for our spring sports:

Boys’ Golf Tuesday, February 20
Falls Village Golf Club
(115 Falls Village Dr., Durham)
Girls’ Soccer Wednesday, February 14 &
Thursday, February 15
WakeMed Soccer Park
(201 Soccer Park Dr., Cary)
Wednesday: Field 6
Thursday: Field 5
Boys’ Tennis Wednesday, February 14
Southern Boundaries Park
(Third Fork Rd., Durham)
Boys and Girls’
Track & Field
Tuesday, February 20
RTHS Campus

February 5th Raptor Events

College Counseling

High School Counselors

The National Association of College Admissions Counseling recently reported the following:

In 2016, 28 percent of public schools reported employing at least one counselor (full- or part-time) whose exclusive responsibility was to provide college counseling, compared to 49 percent of private schools.

Only 28% of public high schools employ a college counselor! Bummer. But, guess what? My exclusive responsibility is to provide college counseling to the students and families at RTHS. I would love to talk with you about the college search process and how to best prepare for the application process. Please reach out to me anytime to schedule a one-on-one meeting. The easiest thing to do is email me at lringenbach@rthighschool.org. Looking forward to talking with you soon!

January 1st Raptor Events

Roar In The New Year

New Years marks a new beginning. New people to meet, new adventures to enjoy, and new memories to create. Wishing our Raptors a successful new year!

Note From Mr. Grunden

If you use the 47 shuttle in RTP to get around (or any of the other shuttles) they are being replaced with on-demand ride services. When you need to be picked up, you signal through the app or call and they come to get you and deliver you within their service area. More information here.

December 18th Raptor Events

Winter Holiday Break

Have a great holiday break Raptors. See you in the new year!

College Counseling

RTHS is proud to announce that Leticia Tuset has been selected as a semi-finalist for the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill. Leticia’s scholarship application clearly rose to the top as only 20% of applicants are selected as semi-finalists. Wish her luck as she continues through the selection process. Way to go, Leticia!

Mu Alpha Theta News

Mu Alpha Theta (MAT) will be meeting Jan 2, Jan 16, Jan 30, 2018, in room 230 during lunch.

November 20th Raptor Events

College Counseling

Thank you, Juniors and Families of Juniors, for your great attendance at the Junior College Counseling Program! What a fantastic turnout!

For those of you who could not make it, here is the presentation shared during the event. It is obviously a rough outline of the topics discussed. For the next few weeks, I will tackle each subject in the report.  This week, we will start with the college search process.

There are several resources available to help students explore the thousands of colleges across the country (and abroad).  I recommend using search engines such as the College Board’s Bright Future tool.  If you prefer something hard-copy, I have plenty of resources in my office that I am happy to loan out. I like the Fiske Guide best, but there are a lot of other great books out there.  I will be introducing the Naviance software system to the junior class in the next month or so and that will be another great resource for students.  Finally, it is helpful to take advantage of the college campuses in our area. When you have free time, schedule an official tour or three at the schools nearby. It is helpful to become familiar with the vocabulary of the college application process, and taking official tours and listening to information sessions.

While it is obvious to think about academic programs/majors when considering a college search, other criteria are equally important. Students should think about factors such as size, location, and special programs (i.e. study abroad, internships).  It is definitely ok for students to be completely unsure about what they want to study in college and instead think about the academic climate that best fits their learning style.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to schedule an individual meeting so we can further discuss the college search process. Thanks!