Club Meeting
Comic Book Club first meeting Thursday, September 15 in room 109, during lunch
Community Service Club interest meeting Thursday in room 204, during lunch
Crossfire –
informal debate/discussion club
Fridays in room 236, during lunch
German Club Wednesdays in room 58, during lunch
Math Honor Society interest meeting Tuesday 9/13 in room 230, during lunch
regular meetings Thursdays in room 230
Money Management & Finance Club Thursdays in Ms. Irvin’s room 3:45 – 4:30 pm
Raptographer Clubraptography interest meeting Thursday 9/15 in room 207, 4 pm
Raptor Radio interest meeting Thursday 8/25 in room 205, during lunch
Raptor Researcher interest meeting Tuesday 9/27 in room 207, during lunch
Raptors Fencing Club
interest meeting Thursday 9/8 in room 138, during lunch-
parent meeting in room 138, 5:30 pm
RTHS Classical Society Friday, September 2 in room 138, during lunch
RTHS Music rock band rehearsal/auditions for underclassmen Wednesday and Thursday immediately following school
Jazz improv band rehearsal Tuesday, September 27
Speech and Debate Club Wednesdays in room 118, 4 – 5 pm
SGA/Social and Fundraising Task Force Mondays in room 58, during lunch
Tech Club –
technical theatre opportunities with Raptor Repertory
interest meeting Wednesday 10/31 in Black Box Theatre, during lunch
TerrorBytes Robotics Team
RTHS Terrobytes logo
Tuesdays in Robotics lab, 5 – 7 pm
Young Republicans and
Young Americans for Liberty Club
Tuesdays in room 62, during lunch