November 20th Raptor Events

College Counseling

Thank you, Juniors and Families of Juniors, for your great attendance at the Junior College Counseling Program! What a fantastic turnout!

For those of you who could not make it, here is the presentation shared during the event. It is obviously a rough outline of the topics discussed. For the next few weeks, I will tackle each subject in the report.  This week, we will start with the college search process.

There are several resources available to help students explore the thousands of colleges across the country (and abroad).  I recommend using search engines such as the College Board’s Bright Future tool.  If you prefer something hard-copy, I have plenty of resources in my office that I am happy to loan out. I like the Fiske Guide best, but there are a lot of other great books out there.  I will be introducing the Naviance software system to the junior class in the next month or so and that will be another great resource for students.  Finally, it is helpful to take advantage of the college campuses in our area. When you have free time, schedule an official tour or three at the schools nearby. It is helpful to become familiar with the vocabulary of the college application process, and taking official tours and listening to information sessions.

While it is obvious to think about academic programs/majors when considering a college search, other criteria are equally important. Students should think about factors such as size, location, and special programs (i.e. study abroad, internships).  It is definitely ok for students to be completely unsure about what they want to study in college and instead think about the academic climate that best fits their learning style.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to schedule an individual meeting so we can further discuss the college search process. Thanks!