March 12th Raptor Events


New Club- Envirothon

NCF-Envirothon is an annual environmentally themed academic competition for high school aged students organized by the NCF-Envirothon a program of the National Conservation Foundation. The competition is held by the United States and Canada on a regional, state, and bi-national level. Envirothon combines in-class and hands-on environmental education in a competition setting which involves a problem-solving presentation as well as written field tests. The competition tests students on five core subjects- aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife- along with a fifth annually-changing subtopic which focuses on relevant environmental issues. Currently, roughly 500,000 students from forty-five U.S. states and nine Canadian provinces/territories participate in the competition.

The club meets every Wednesday during lunch in Ms. Manzers room. Contact either Ms. Manzer or Sandy Collins for details.

World Flex Day

Changing the World Flex Day – April 20th

This year RTHS is sending the entire Sophomore class to one of six RTP companies for a half day on-site experience of what our RTP neighbors do every day! The sophomores will be visiting one of these companies:

This program is in partnership with the RTP Rotary, The RTP, the NC Biotech Center and the NC Science Festival, to allow our young people to understand how RTP is “Changing the World” through the innovative work that is done here.

Even better, the students are going to be creating, in real time, a portfolio of “digital artifacts” about the company that they are visiting, through an app called Amirabilia. They will be interviewing employees, doing labs or activities or case studies, visiting multiple departments, and learning the key contributions of the company they visit – and collecting all that information into Amirabilia for students outside the Triangle to learn about RTP!

So, Parents and Students! Your job is threefold:

    1. Sign up to drive! We have 150 sophomores that have to get to six companies at 9 am on April 20, and back to RTHS at 12:45 pm. That means we need about 35 drivers! If you work in the Park, it is easy to do 8:45 am or 12:30 pm; you do not have to be a parent of a sophomore.
    2. Go through the company links above and talk with your student about what might be interesting about visiting that company. Make sure your student understands that visiting companies is their chance to discern more about what their future could hold; that Flex Days are a central part of the curriculum at RTHS; AND that this is their chance to create a story about the company they select and share it with students outside of the Triangle, with the Ameribilia app.
    3. Get your kiddo to sign up for a company they would like to visit.  Have them review the links above first.They can select their first, second and third choice from the list. Have them vote here for their choices.

November 7th Raptor Events

College Counseling News

collegeNovember 2016
The Kids Are Alright

I’ve wanted to write a blog since I started at RTHS last year. Of course, other pressing matters took priority, but now that I feel like I have some breathing room, I’m excited to share some thoughts with you (hopefully on a somewhat regular basis). I thought about calling the blog something cute like “The College Counselor’s Corner,” or something optimistic like, “Focus on the Future,” or something necessary, such as “Kindness Counts,” but as I enter my sixteenth year in this profession, I’ve learned that the anxiety that surrounds the admissions process really stems from wanting the best for our kids. So maybe, “The Kids Are Alright,” is the way to go. We’ll see. Stay tuned, the title might change. And send me your suggestions!

There are a lot of topics to cover and a lot of different audiences, as I imagine readers are in different stages of this process, so I thought as an introduction I’d just talk about my role at RTHS. We’ll get into more nuts and bolts stuff later. Instead of sharing a formal job description, perhaps it is best to explain what I actually do.

I listen – This is how I spend a lot of my time. I listen to you and your student’s concerns and questions. It is really important for me to know what you worry about and what keeps you up at night in regards to the college process. I can best do my job when I know that I am addressing the right issues and sharing the right information. So keep telling me your stories and asking your questions.

I create and maintain relationships – It’s all about who you know, right? I’m lucky to have worked with some great colleagues over the past few years. Staying in the loop and putting you in touch with the right people is a big part of my job. I invite and host college representatives at our school throughout the year (most frequently in the fall), I travel to national conferences to spread the word about RTHS, and I visit college campuses across the country. As a result of that work, our school is well-known and respected.

I advocate for our students in the college admissions process – This is my favorite part of my job. I tell your students all the time about how much I brag about them. I’m constantly singing their praises. I have the easy job of highlighting their strengths and accomplishments. I write a recommendation letter for every senior, complete countless forms touting the strength of our community, and email/call admissions offices to share good news about individual students.

I advise – Unsure about which financial aid package will be the right choice for your family? Confused about post-graduation options? Let me put on my advising hat and meet with you.

I inform – Colleges aren’t always clear when communicating information to students and families. Sometimes the language they use causes confusion. It’s my role to translate that lingo into information that makes sense to you. There is also a lot of misinformation out there about the college search and application process. The rumor mill is strong. So it is also my role to set the record straight and share with you the most accurate and up to date information.

No matter where you are in this process, I’m here to help you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime. And stay tuned to the blog!

Lindsey Ringenbach

Fall Flex Day – Friday, November 18th

Our Fall Flex Day is coming up on Friday, November 18th! On Flex Day our students are given the opportunity to explore big issues that relate to several different subject areas. These opportunities either bring students out into the world or bring “the world” into school to our students: Students participate in a whole-school activity in which real-world professionals share their expertise or work directly with students.

Please be aware that Flex Days are official school days: official attendance is taken, and assignments are given. We call these “Flex” days since they are a break from the usual pattern of classes. “Flex” does not mean, however, that it is an optional day for attendance – we are still teaching and doing it even harder!

  • There will be PTSO lunch served.
  • Students cannot drive themselves to the off-campus trips.
  • All students must ride in their assigned cars, there is no switching allowed.

WE NEED DRIVERS – Please  sign up to drive students to and from the North Carolina Museum of Art. Without bus services, we rely on YOU! Our dedicated parents help make field trips like this possible. We will be leaving the school at 9:35 am and leaving the museum at 11:30 am.

Ninth Grade Parents – Students will be participating in “The Amazing Musical Race”. They will compete in a number of activities studying topics in; music and biology, music and history, music and visual arts/theater, music and physics, and music and math.

Tenth Grade Parents – Students will be participating in “Lab & Law” which consists of 4 CSI labs including DNA, White Powder, Spectrometry, and Stride Length in the morning. The evidence in the labs will then be used to put the suspects “on trial” in the afternoon.

Eleventh Grade Parents – Students will be participating in “Language: A Weapon or a Tool?” They will investigate how language can be used in advertising, codes and code breaking, dialects, and look at slang through the ages.

Twelfth Grade Parents – Students will be participating in “Don’t Judge Me” which consists of viewing contemporary art at the NC Museum of Art. After returning to the school they will attend contemporary music and theatrical performances. They will then be charged with creating a defense for a piece of modern art, music or theater.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Warren at .

Graduation Gowns & Announcements

Jostens will be on campus on Thursday, November 10th to take orders and deposits for graduation robes, invitations, diploma covers, announcements and class rings. Graduates will receive their order packets this week (also in Physics– thanks, Ms. Kaufman!)

All students must have a cap, gown, tassel and stole and diploma cover to participate in the ceremony. This is the basic “Cap & Gown Unit” for $57.

All other items are optional. Many families like to have the formal announcements, etc but there is no requirement to purchase. I have samples from last year if you would like to see what they will look like, and I will post pictures on the RTHS Graduation FaceBook page.

If purchasing the required items is a financial hardship for your family, please contact administration. Our goal is to have every senior participate in the ceremony.

Orders can also be placed online at Jostens under “Graduation” products. Just search for the school name to see options.